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“Truly inspired after such a short time”

“Dear John,

AMAZING!! Pumped up already. I have only started reading now & only up to page 41; making notes, lists, things to hang up in my office. Truly inspired after such a short time. I am so excited about where I am going on this adventure.”

Tracey from Australia

“I Have Never Come Across A Book Like Yours That Summarises All The Major Techniques And Ideas In One Place”

“Dear John,

Yes, life is hard. To make anything of your life requires effort and perseverance.

There are many techniques out there aimed at improving your chances of success but I have never come across a book like yours that summarises all the major techniques and ideas in one place.

I read it, learned from it, and will be better off.

Thank you”

Daniel Burke

“Looked At My Life And
Put It Into Top Gear”

“After reading the book, I stepped back looked at my life and put it into top gear. The principles laid down are simple because they just remind us to remember. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anybody in whatever profession they are pursuing.”

 Dr David Dyer

“Inspires Enthusiasm”

“Each chapter is thought provoking, using quotations, acronyms or examples of life experiences which reinforce the ideas.

It makes a compelling read and inspires enthusiasm.”

Nicki Spriggs

“Cartoon Visuals Well Done”

“Good stuff. Cartoon visuals well done. Very well presented”

Michael Hickox Phd

“Really Opened My Eyes”

“I found this book a great self help aid, a concept that really opened my eyes to facts that are under all our noses.

The author creates many true and amusing analogues, which I have found very interesting and useful for setting my own personal goals and way of achieving them.”

Michael Spilling

“Enjoyed The Message”

I enjoyed the message. 36 Laws reminded me in a very natural way of the simplest rule of success, reap what you sow. The success is not always financial, but the result is the objective to which you aspired.

Peter Moore

“Uplifted by your book”

Dear John,

I felt uplifted by your book,especially the 106 losses race-horse that reminded me of myself in the local council elections which I run as a candidate in every four years (since 1990) and finish last (except once); people say to me “why do you bother?” and I reply that I know WHO I’m voting for,that’s why!
The story from the Talmud also reminded me of myself climbing (or shovelling) a mountain of telephones to make a clear path through life……so far I’ve been shovelling for twenty five years,but the shovelling seems somehow easier nowadays!

Laurence Williams
BT engineer

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